Does the Grass Die Unexpectedly in Your Lawn?

Do you have a problem where pests cause your lawn to deteriorate? Chances are, if you have a lawn, you risk the chance of being invaded by a range of pests including rodents, such as the gopher and his cousin the mole. And, perhaps even more likely are certain tiny creatures, such as ants and lawn grubs. Why are these rodents and insects attracted to your lawn? And, what can you do to stop them from burrowing and nesting? Those answers and more will follow in this short article.

Dead grass next to healthy grass, showing what can happen with improper care, such as uneven fertilizer distribution or heavy infestation of grubs and ants.

Most household lawns are too small to attract pests in sufficient numbers so that serious problems can occur, however, they can still be a nuisance and cause minor damage to your ‘show’ lawn. Insects can be difficult to spot, as some are so small they can hardly be seen with the naked eye. However, they can quite easily be identified by dead, brown patches of grass.

Lawn grubs are larval stages of beetles such as the European- and Japanese chafer- and oriental-beetles. These destructive pests live under the lawn thatch and chew on the grass roots. They will destroy lawns completely if left untreated. n turn they attract pests such as rodents that dig under your lawn in pursuit of them. You need to eradicate grub and rodent problems early to prevent further damage to your lawn and restore it back to previous health.

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